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While some reinforcing bar products have special coatings, such as epoxy or anti-rust treatments, these rebar types are generally reserved for marine applications and situations where the metal may be exposed to the corrosive effects of water. Black rebar is an uncoated alternative that provides superior cost effectiveness for applications where epoxy and anti-rust coatings are not needed.
Rebar without any coating, we stock rebar in several grades and lengths to accommodate your needs for the job.

Rebar is cast into it to carry the tensile loads. Most steel reinforcement is divided into primary and secondary reinforcement, but there are other minor uses:

  • Primary reinforcement refers to the steel which is employed to guarantee the resistance needed by the structure as a whole to support the design loads.
  • Secondary reinforcement, also known as distribution or thermal reinforcement, is employed for durability and aesthetic reasons, by providing enough localized resistance to limit cracking and resist stresses caused by effects such as temperature changes and shrinkage.
  • Rebar is also employed to confer resistance to concentrated loads by providing enough localized resistance and stiffness for a load to spread through a wider area.
  • Rebar may also be used to hold other steel bars in the correct position to accommodate their loads.
  • External steel tie bars can constrain and reinforce masonry structures, as illustrated by the Nevyansk Tower or ancient structures in Rome and the Vatican.


  • To prevent injury, the protruding ends of steel rebar are often bent over or covered with special steel-reinforced plastic "plate" caps. "Mushroom" caps may provide protection from scratches and other minor injuries, but provide little to no protection from impalement.

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